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We deliver various types of products which are necessary in each home to Polish, Scandinavian, English, Benelux and Russian markets.

In our offer, You can find the yearlong and seasonal products. These are the ones to keep the home clean and decorate him as well.

Today we deliver:

- Kitchen and bathroom sponges

- Kitchen and floor wipes

Wooden kitchen helpers

Salt & pepper mills

- Household articles made of plastic (pegs, bowls, containers, brooms, brushes, toilet sets, dustpan & brush sets and many others)

Flat mops sets and refills

- Wooden brooms and brushes

- Decorative candles (made of paraffin and stearine)

- Road salt and salt pills for water treatment

Our mission is to satisfy the Customers, which can be reached only with on-time deliveries of high quality products coming from polish and European producers. We constantly look for new products that suits our offer. 

We ask You to check our offer looking at the product's categories in the left menu. 

If you are a producer of the goods that suit our assortment, we ask you to fill up the below contact form or phone call. We will be glad to get know your offer. 

We invite!


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